Luxury Garages:
Transforming Your Space into a Dream Oasis

Luxury garages are no longer just for storing vehicles; they're evolving into havens for car enthusiasts, professionals, and those seeking the ultimate mancave experience.  These spaces transcend the typical garage, offering a place to showcase prized possessions, tinker on projects, or even house a home office or race team equipment.

The Next Level Luxury Garage Experience

By prioritizing exceptional quality, innovative design, and unwavering customer focus, Next Level Storage has established itself as a leader in the luxury garage and mezzanine market.  We offer a seamless and satisfying experience for every luxury garage owner, from initial design consultations to final installation.

Looking ahead, Next Level remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality in the luxury garage space.  We are committed to exceeding expectations and setting new standards in this ever-evolving market.

Understanding the Discerning Collector

The target market for luxury garages includes high-net-worth individuals, car aficionados, and discerning professionals. As the demand for these spaces continues to rise, Next Level Storage is proud to be a leading provider of custom-designed mezzanines, platforms, and accents to elevate your luxury garage experience.

The growing popularity of luxury garages reflects a surge in both car collecting and the desire for personalized spaces.  Luxury car owners expect the absolute best, and their garages are no exception. These spaces come with a significant investment, and every detail matters.

Next Level’s Approach to Luxury Garages

At Next Level, we understand that exceeding expectations is paramount in the luxury garage market.  That’s why we utilize only the highest quality materials, including zinc-coated steel as a standard feature. This not only enhances the aesthetics of your platform or mezzanine’s underside but also provides superior protection for your investment without the added cost of additional powder coat.

We offer a wide variety of guardrail and flooring options, including breathtaking glass floors for those seeking the ultimate visual impact.  Our specialty is custom platforms, meticulously designed to meet your unique needs.  For those seeking a faster turnaround time, we also offer a quick-ship program for standard platform solutions.

Designed for Efficiency and Aesthetics

Next Level’s platforms and mezzanines are designed for both functionality and beauty.  Our bolt-together, relocatable structures ensure a fast and efficient installation process, ideal for busy clients.  The zinc-coated steel not only offers exceptional durability but also reflects light, potentially reducing the need for additional lighting and lowering long-term energy costs.

Showcasing Innovation and Customization

Several of our recent projects have incorporated custom handrails, guardrails, and even stunning glass flooring.  For instance, one client desired a glass floor to showcase their vehicles on the lower level and maximize natural light transmission, eliminating the need for additional lighting fixtures.

Our innovative stainless steel cable railing systems offer unobstructed views while maintaining superior safety.  These sleek, minimalist railings complement contemporary spaces and allow for natural light flow, creating a feeling of openness and airiness.

Key Success Factors: Local Expertise and National Reach

Our success in the luxury garage market stems from several key factors.  One of these is our strong local presence in Florida, a hub for luxury car ownership and customization.  This allows us to provide unparalleled customer service and cater to the specific needs of our clients.  We have completed numerous projects in the Tampa Bay area and are currently working on several more in Vero Beach, where our manufacturing facility is located.

Furthermore, we partner with the best contractors, resellers, and dealers across the country, ensuring a local presence in various regions.  We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and take pride in understanding their needs to deliver a perfect solution on the first try.

Ready to transform your garage into a dream oasis? Contact Next Level  today and let’s discuss your vision!

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