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With so many services and products, Next Level has answers to may common questions.

No, you shouldn’t. To start, that will almost always void your warranty. Plus, different rack manufacturers will use varying length tolerances on their pallet racks. The smallest differences (even fractions of an inch) will cause issues. It’s always better to stay with the same manufacturer. If that is not possible, you should work with a rack manufacturer who can custom design and fabricate to be as close as possible to your original equipment.

Galvanized pallet racks are ideal for outdoor environments, as well as anywhere moisture will be prevalent (such as refrigerated areas.) We have several types of galvanized racks – Hot Dipped for most uses, pre-galvanized and/or Zinc electroplated for better appearance (note: Zinc electroplated is not really suitable for outdoor use).

Yes, and the main difference is in the step. U-Channel Wire Decks have the step on the inside of the beam, where the U-Channel fits into it. Conversely, Flared Wire Decks fit “no step” box/structural beams.

Because we don’t like them, and we feel it’s not an ideal product where hundreds or thousands of pounds are involved. Besides, since we’re the manufacturer and avoid the middleman, our NEW racks are often a much better value.

The best answer we can give is “maybe”. Send us a closeup picture of what you have, and we’ll let you know. Since we are the manufacturer, you can be confident we’ll do our best.

Again, the best answer is “maybe”. This is where working with a manufacturer like Next Level is paramount. Since we control the build, we’re your best bet to get a match.

Indeed they can, and will provide more stability. Remember that pallet supports will raise the wire deck approx 1/8” (we’ll remind you!)

Leave space. At least 8″ greater than the pallet height (that gives us 4″ for the next beam, and 4″ lift-off.) For horizontal, leave 5″ between the pallets and frame (both sides) and 6″ between pallets.

Yes indeed – Next Level is a full service material handling and storage company. Besides making every type of pallet rack you can think of, we also handle cantilever racks and mezzanines, and have an array of design, installation, and engineering services. Got an empty building you need to turn into an efficient warehouse? Call us – we’ll do it all!

Generally, yes. Although we’re a B2B material handling vendor – this means we don’t make racks for your home garage or pickup truck.

We do this for clients. If we’re doing a job for you, we’ll already be doing our best to identify what you have.

Indeed we do – clips, column protectors, guard rails… you name it.

We have 20 FOB locations nationwide, and can get you your goods typically within 48 hours.

As much as you can give. Obviously, rack type and all measurements are paramount. What material you are storing helps. The facility, where you are, the intended use… again, the more information you can give, the better (sending us “need rack quote” as your comments typically gets a “need more detail” answer. Let’s avoid that time wasting endeavor.)

AB-SO-LUTELY! (that’s an enthusiastic “yes”). Let us know, and we’ll include installation in your quote.

Depends on many factors (how much material, how far, timeframe, etc.) We’ll give you the best, most accurate quote possible.

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