Seismic Engineering

Professional Seismic Engineering for Your Warehouse or Similar Structure

Whether it’s a new installation or existing structure, let Next Level provide you with the Seismic Engineering Data you need

Is your building and (existing or future) racking safe? Next Level will find out for sure.

In our seismic engineering service, existing structures are reviewed to determine the ability of the system to take on upgrades or design changes, to ascertain the system’s current seismic strength, and to bring it up to code if there have been regulatory or safety changes that need addressing.

Professional engineers design Next Level pallet rack to exceed the specifications of the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI). Meeting specific seismic criteria is never a problem, and we are always prepared to design custom solutions for your unique material storage and facility needs. Learn more about our site survey & facility design services, or contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

Seismic engineering requirements can be different for each location depending on the geography of that area. We work throughout North America & have experience customizing systems to meet the demands of all different environments. In California, seismic requirements & needs are much different than those in Pennsylvania. We will ensure that you are protected no matter where your building is located.

From computerized modeling to onsite inspections, our seismic engineering team has the latest tools, as well as the requisite experience to ensure that you’re up to code. We understand how many hoops there are to jump through when it comes to permit your pallet rack for installation, so we also provide all necessary paperwork to help make it easier for you. Contact us to learn more about our seismic engineering services or to discuss a specific project with one of the Next Level engineers.

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