Pallet Rack Repair

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At Next Level Material Handling Solutions we repair and protect your warehouse racking from potential forklift damage.

Pallet Rack Repair: Warehouse Rack Repair Services

Pallet Rack Repair for your existing racks and material storage components can be made good as new. We offer column and structural repairs, bracing and support work, anchoring and framing. All manner of materials and configurations can be repaired.

consistently delivering solutions that stand the test of time.

Pallet rack repair is extremely common due to forklift damage. Regardless of the type of racks you have, and regardless of the configuration.

Next Level can repair them.

This is a highly specialized service, as it can involve a wide array of parts. Further, when you’re discussing a rack 40’ in the air, loaded with pallets of stone or other heavy material, you need more than duct tape and a local handyman. You need professionals with high-quality fabricated parts, and the expertise to install them. That’s Next Level. From row spacers and pallet supports to column guards, beam locks and connectors to framing parts, we’re ready, willing, and able to make sure your existing racks can safely handle the job at hand. In addition to repairing an existing rack, Next Level offers full protection to any type of rack configuration.

Protect your rack before any forklift damage!

We offer Post Protectors, Column Protectors and Guide rails as well as custom protection depending on the racking style.

Save Money

Repairing your racks can save you big money over buying new. Not sure if your racks can be repaired? Ask us for a no-obligation assessment.

Improve Operations

In addition, your racks can be reconfigured, as well as repaired. Need a fix and also want more features? It’s all possible.

Professional Expertise

We’re experts at building and installing all kinds of material storage racks. So it goes without saying that repair is a specialty as well.

Next Level provides complete solutions throughout U.S.


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