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Structural pallet racks are flexible, versatile and tough enough for any product mix, load capacity and warehouse configuration. Fabricated from hot rolled channels of steel, structural pallet racks are designed for much heavier capacities and to withstand more impact than cold roll formed racks. Structural pallet racks are a good choice for very abusive or tough industrial environments.

Structural Racks are ideal for high-impact use, outdoors, or freezer/cooler uses. Examples of Structural rack not only includes Selective Racking, but High Density Rack such as Push Back Systems, Pallet Flow System and Drive In Systems.

Product Specifications

Hot Rolled Channeled Steel for massive capability
Can withstand the harshest conditions
Built to hold up to collisions and forklift abuse
Can be designed to meet your exact needs

Tough Enough

Racks can get abused. Either by weather, elements, or material that creates impacts. These hot-rolled steel channel racks can take a beating.

Heavy Capacity

Immense load capacities make these structural pallet racks a good choice for industrial use or exceedingly heavy materials.

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