Double Deep Rack
Markedly Increase Your Capabilities

Increase your floor space 60-65% by storing two pallet loads at each aisle lane.

Product Specifications

  • Last In / First Out (LIFO) storage
  • Aisle reduction increases building flow
  •  50% selectivity, and 40% storage increase
  •  Up to 65% more floor space

Offering good density and selectivity at a low initial cost, double deep racks are a good choice where space is limited, but the goods consist of medium to high-volume sku’s.

A variation of a selective pallet rack, double deep racks are created by doubling up the rows of standard selective pallet racking. One row of selective pallet rack is placed behind another, and pallets are placed and retrieved by a deep reach lift truck. This layout eliminates the need for an aisle between the two storage racks, offering good density and selectivity for stock that has a medium to long term shelf life.

By allowing pallets to be stored behind each other, a double deep rack effectively doubles your capabilities without increasing aisles.


Fast moving sku’s get twice the storage space. Conversely, slower moving units take up less aisle space, increasing efficiency.

Easily reconfigured and moved, double deep racks can grow with your business, making them an excellent long-term investment.

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