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What is a Platform and how is it different from a Mezzanine?

A platform in a warehouse is a flat, elevated surface that is used primarily for storage or as a workspace. Platforms can be temporary or semi-permanent structures, and they may not be as substantial or enclosed as mezzanines.

Platforms are often used for the storage of goods or equipment and may not be intended for human occupancy. They can be simple structures and may not have the same level of customization as mezzanines.

Platforms may be accessed using forklifts, pallet jacks, or other material handling equipment. They may not always have dedicated access points for personnel.

Building a platform may be simpler and may not require the same level of structural engineering or regulatory compliance as a mezzanine. Platforms are built to be freestanding without connecting to the structure and therefor not part of the total building square footage for fire codes.

NextLevel Can Handle Your Entire Platform Project From Start to Finish.
We manufacture all of our platforms in house.

NextLevel has the advantage of providing additional storage solutions, beyond the sale. Including project management, installation, site surveys, permitting, seismic engineering, and auditing. We handle the entire project for you.

NextLevel provides complete warehouse solutions throughout U.S.


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