Call on Next Level’s Engineering Expertise

Engineering has always been a large part of what we do, and it’s why Next Level is a leading name in the material handling industry

We started out as “fabricating engineers”, and engineering is still a major part of our offerings. While you can shop our website and even “click to buy” our high-quality storage systems and parts, where we really earn our accolades is in the engineering and design work that comes along with a professional custom material handling solution.  

Put simply, there’s a LOT that goes into material handling and storage beyond the steel racks. Seismic issues, permitting, safety concerns, customization, and more. And these factors are extremely important – in fact, just as important as the size and type of racks you ultimately select. 

Here are some of the material handling engineering services we perform. And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Seismic Engineering and Seismic Prelim

No matter where your facility is located, there’s a localized seismic profile that could affect how your material handling and storage plans are developed and built. In general terms, the bigger, heavier, and higher you go, the more this will matter.  

We have an entire page devoted to Seismic Engineering. Whether you need a full-on, in-person inspection or a preliminary (called a Seismic Prelim), contact us, and we’ll do the rest.  

Permit Management

Again, we have an entire page devoted to local permitting, but let’s take this opportunity to mention permitting can go beyond the typical “is it in line with local zoning codes?” 

There are plenty of instances where local codes do not account for structural engineering issues, and it’s up to the company to know what’s permitted and what isn’t. And mistakes can mean costly delays that take weeks or even months. 

And that’s where we come in. We can handle your permitting issues, both local and national, and make sure every “i” is dotted and “t” crossed. Contact us for more information.    

Custom Fabrication

We can custom fabricate almost any material handling and storage solution you require. With all the precision, quality, and engineering expertise we’re known for baked right in. 

We’re not kidding – the size and shape of your building do not have to be limitations. Nor does your unique logistics or business methodology. Whether it’s one particular piece needed for an odd corner, or if your entire facility has to flow a certain way due to unique terrain, we’re the people to contact. We’ll measure and design it, engineer it, build it, and install it.    

Inspection Services

We can handle onsite inspections of your material handling equipment and facility. Whether they are OSHA-mandated inspections, an inspection prior to a purchase or sale, or for any other reason, we’re on it.

The inspections can run the gamut of all material handling components, as well as the facility itself (seismic, etc.) Inspections can also include conveyors, racking, mezzanines, forklifts and other machinery, and anything else related.  

If we can help you with material handling inspections, contact us here.