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Cantilever in Orlando is a type of racking that offers several advantages that make it a valuable storage solution for warehouses, especially when dealing with long, bulky, or irregularly shaped items. Consequently, the distinguishing feature of cantilever racking is its open-arm design, as a result allows for easy storage and retrieval of items without the obstructions posed by vertical beams found in standard pallet racking.

Cantilever racking is commonly used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, lumberyards, automotive, and more, where long or oddly shaped items need to be stored efficiently. Moreover, it offers a practical solution for optimizing storage and facilitating easy access to items that don’t conform to standard pallet dimensions.

  1. Cantilever racking main components are:

    1. Vertical Columns: These are the upright support structures of the racking system. They are typically made of heavy-duty steel and provide the primary structural support for the arms and the loads they carry.

    2. Cantilever Arms: These are the horizontal beams that extend out from the vertical columns. The arms are designed to hold the stored items. They have no obstructions underneath, allowing for easy forklift access to the items.

    3. Bracing and Base: The bracing connects the vertical columns to provide stability to the racking system. The base supports the columns and helps distribute the weight of the stored items.

Next Level provides cantilever racking in Orlando.


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