Warehouse Racking 2022 Update

As we move further into 2022, it’s worth noting that in many manufacturing industries, there are two responses to the business climate of the past two years: wait and see, and move forward. Next Level is firmly in the latter.

While of course we’ve been affected by the Pandemic like everyone else, we’ve also forged ahead and secured reliable suppliers for high quality materials. And we never, not once, rested on our laurels and said “let’s wait until things get better before making a move”.

The machine pictured above arrived recently. It’s a Dragon  A400 from Bend Tech, and it’s a serious piece of CNC machinery. This plasma tube and pipe cutter can do the work several people, and is definitely going to be an essential part of our shop. But beyond the speed, accuracy, and labor-saving benefits, it also says something about our company: Next Level is truly committed to next level service. And it goes well beyond a slogan or words on a website – you can see it in our people, our facilities, and our suppliers.

Having the latest and greatest in terms of warehouse racking manufacturing capabilities is important. It ensures that our customers get a world-class product, custom built to the highest specifications, using modern machinery. The A400 is hardly the only piece of high-tech CNC machinery we have, but it is the latest one to come through our door, and seeing it in operation on the shop floor made me think about where we are as a company, and what we’re doing. We’re building and shipping warehouse racks.

We keep an eye on the industry as a whole, and right now, the disparity of ship times is wide. Calling two different manufacturers for a mezzanine (for example) could result in ship times varying by months. Here in 2022, the company with the best supply of materials, and the machines on hand to shape those materials into warehouse and material storage racking, is goi

ng to lead the pack. We’ve taken it to the Next Level, figuratively and literally.

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