Stay or Go? Sometimes it’s Better to Stay

There are a million and one reasons why companies look for material storage solutions, mezzanines, pallet racks, and similar. And here in 2022, one of the prevailing reasons is “we need more space, but we really don’t want to move.”

To paraphrase a conversation with a recent client (who would like to remain anonymous), the prevailing sentiment was exactly that. They were outgrowing their space, but besides the room they needed, everything else was great. The location was perfect, with good access to freeways and right in the town where most employees lived.

The company also owned the building outright, and while they could easily sell for a solid profit (especially in today’s market), they were uncomfortable doing such. The thought was “better to own it free and clear and just pay taxes instead of a high rent or new mortgage”.

After all, selling at a big profit loses its luster a little when you realize you have now must buy (or rent) at a higher rate, because whomever you are buying from is also selling at a nice profit.

So yea, they wanted to stay. But the space… the space was still an issue.

It was an issue right up until the moment the owner started looking at new fixtures for a possible move. It was then he realized a mezzanine could solve everything. His building had a ton of wasted space “up there”. In other words, a commercial mezzanine could double his space.

Long story short, that’s precisely what happened. One quick Next Level Mezzanine, and the problem was solved. More space was gained, because bulky raw material storage now went “upstairs”, which freed up the main floor considerably.

Are you feeling a space crunch? The answer might be as easy as looking up. And then calling Next Level, of course.

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