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At Next Level Storage Warehouse Pallet Racking Solutions, we design, engineer and manufacture the highest quality storage solutions while providing industry leading service. We offer warehouse shelving products for companies throughout North America. Our products include FlexRack™ Pallet Rack, Pallet Rack, Cantilever Rack, High Density Racking Systems, Wire Decking & Mezzanines.

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With more distribution hubs than other pallet rack manufacturer, it allows us to offer; reduced shipping costs, reduced shipping time and consistent on-time deliveries.


Cutting edge technology and superior engineering, FlexRack™ meets or exceeds the specifications of the Rack Manufacturer’s Institute (RMI) at an incomparable price.


Superior Engineering & Product Design, World Class (ISO 9000) Manufacturing, Expert Systems Design & Equipment Integration, Streamlined Distribution.

High Density Storage racking

Maximize storage space and minimize storage costs with High Density Pallet Rack systems from Next Level Storage Warehouse Pallet Racking Solutions.

Push Back Racking is designed for high-density, multiple-product storage, This racking offers excellent selectivity and the pallets are gravity-driven.
Pallet Flow Racks maximize storage space and are ideal for storing groceries and other perishable items with high rotation and expiration dates.
Drive In / Drive Thru racking allows for a fork lift to enter the rack from one side to pick up or pull out pallets. This is done because pallets can slide backwards on a continuous rail.

Featured Product: FlexRack™ Pallet Rack

When Next Level Storage Warehouse Pallet Racking Solutions decided to design our unique racking system, our checklist on this side of the equation came down to one main point – flexibility. We surveyed & spoke to many facility managers & warehouse personnel & found a common theme from them: they needed flexibility in their storage systems. Therefore, manufacturing a pallet rack system that was compatible with existing rack & simple to install & maintain became priorities for us in the design process. We therefore created FlexRack™ using teardrop specifications.
  • 100% Bolted Connections – Bolt-together rack is stronger than welded pallet rack systems and far more cost-effective to ship.
  • Superior Bracing –  Hefty closed-lip U-bracing is more durable and abuse-resistant than most C-bracing
  • Fast, Easy Assembly – Our perfectly straight posts (vs. traditional wedge-shaped) allow for quick, easy bracing connection.
  • Flexible Design – With easy, bolted assembly and a variety of frame depths and heights up to 47’, we can meet both standard and custom warehouse storage application requirements.
  • Compatible Frames – FlexRack’s column profile matches MOST other pallet rack manufacturer’s teardrop design, making it easy to add-on to existing pallet rack systems.
  • Galvanized Steel –  Next Level Storage bracing and base plates are constructed of galvanized steel (at no extra cost) preventing rusting and chipping like paint alternatives.
  • Powder Coat Paint Finish – Available in numerous standard and custom colors, our powder coat process provides a uniform and long-lasting finish.
  • Easy to Order – 24/7/365 immediate pricing available online for registered distributors.
  • Quick Delivery – We pride ourselves on short lead times and FAST delivery so you can get back to business!

FlexRack™ Superior
Warehouse Racking

FlexRack™ Pallet Rack

FlexRack Pallet Rack Next Level Storage Beams

FlexRack™ Beams

FlexRack beams have a positive spring lock that automatically engages the beam to the frame making installations quicker and safer. These beam connectors are compatible with most other teardrop designs.

FlexRack Pallet Rack Next Level Storage Uprights

FlexRack™ Frames

FlexRack frames/uprights have true 3”x3” columns with teardrop punching on 2” centers. The frames are available up to 36’ and in a large variety of capacities and standard as well as custom colors.

FlexRack Pallet Rack Next Level Storage Base Plates

FlexRack™ Base Plates

FlexRack’s No-Weld Base Plates are the easiest to use in the industry with fewer parts and simple construction. Secure-lock dimples quickly align and lock the column into the bottom teardrop for a solid 4-point connection.

NextLevel™ Wire Deck

Next Level Wire Decking is available in a wide variety of sizes and styles for quick drop-in installation on all rack types. Choose from a number of galvanized or powder coat finishes and accessories.

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With more distribution hubs located throughout the United States than other pallet rack manufacturers, Next Level Storage Warehouse Pallet Racking Solutions has the ability to ship your products quicker with reduced shipping cost and time. Need warehouse racking quickly? We can ship same day in most cases.

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NextLevel: Material Handling Services

You might not expect pallet rack manufacturers to also deliver material handling solutions. With over 20 years experience in material handling, Next Level Storage Warehouse Pallet Racking Solutions goal is to provide you the best possible solutions for your material handling needs: whatever those needs are. Material handling is the movement of materials (raw materials, scrap, semi-finished, and finished) to, through, and from productive processes; in warehouses and storage; and in receiving and shipping areas. Material handling typically involves the use of mechanical equipment and specialty storage systems, like pallet rack.


Our pallet rack installation team has experience working in a variety of buildings across North America.


NextLevel Storage Solutions can assist you with the permit process at your local city or county.


All equipment & safety audits are performed by highly trained, certified safety experts.

Project Management

NextLevel Storage Solutions provides engineering, permitting and systems integration to ensure that your project is on time and on budget.

Site Surveys

NextLevel is more than a manufacturer of pallet racks and material handling products. We are a true material handling solutions provider.

Seismic Engineering

NextLevel Storage Solutions will perform seismic engineering analyses and detailed designs for your material storage systems.

FlexRack™ Testimonials

Next Level provided use with a great solution is maximizing our warehouse space with high density racking, specifically, push back racking. In addition, we replaced some of our standard tear drop racking with their own flex rack and it was easy and quick with the bolt on application.
David McCormick
Warehouse Supervisor
Clearly Scott Renninger knows what he is talking about. He personally came to our facility and walked through giving us suggestions how to improve our warehouse and maximize productivity. Scott, thanks for your time and expertise.
Michael Stevens
Distribution Manager
The Flex Rack made by Next Level is truly a superior product. We had existing pallet racking and wanted to add on to the existing rack. Piece of cake. Their Flex Rack worked perfectly and we received it within 1 week from placing the order. Way to go.
Joseph Ronaldo
Warehouse Manager
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