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Increase Your Capacity and Efficiency With FlexRack™

Our Revolutionary Bolted Racking System is an Industry Leader for One Simple Reason: It’s Better.

100% Bolted Connections – Stronger than Welded • Galvanized Powder-Coated Steel Construction • Teardrop Design Offers Unmatched Flexibility • Superior U Bracing Offers Better Durability than C Bracing

consistently delivering solutions that stand the test of time.

FlexRack™ is Next Level’s proprietary pallet racking system that is superior to old-fashioned welded systems in every way. In essence, we saw the limitations of welded racks, and knew the right combination of engineering and materials could overcome them. FlexRack™ outperforms traditional welded racks across the board. It’s stronger. It’s easier to work with. It’s easier to ship and install. It can store more material in the same space. And best of all, it can adapt to your changing needs. Built from galvanized powder coated steel, FlexRack™ is a bolted system, giving you unequaled flexibility in use. The locking bolts are designed with a serrated lock nut; this means once the bolts are tightened, they are locked in place and will not come loose until you want them to (they stay secure even if shipped assembled.) No maintenance is required over the life of the bolted pallet racks. And quality? Our FlexRack™ bolted systems are engineered to the highest standards and meet or exceed RMI standards, ANSI MH16.1: 2012 Specification for the design, testing and utilization of industrial steel storage racks.

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