Structural Rack

The Toughest Racks For The Most Demanding Applications

Structural Racks are ideal for high-impact use, outdoors, or freezer/cooler uses

Structural pallet racks are flexible, versatile and tough enough for any product mix, load capacity and warehouse configuration.

Fabricated from hot rolled channels of steel, structural pallet racks are designed for much heavier capacities and to withstand more impact than cold roll formed racks. Structural pallet racks are a good choice for very abusive or tough industrial environments.

Tough Enough

Racks can get abused. Either by weather, elements, or material that creates impacts. These hot-rolled steel channel racks can take a beating.

Heavy Capacity

Immense load capacities make these structural pallet racks a good choice for industrial use or exceedingly heavy materials.

Multiple Configurations

Available in many configurations and sizes, such as single selective, double deep, push back, VNA, and pallet flow.

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Product Specifications

Hot Rolled Channeled Steel for massive capability
Can withstand the harshest conditions
Built to hold up to collisions and forklift abuse
Can be designed to meet your exact needs

Next Level Offers as Much Service as You Need

Design and Engineering

Our expert engineers can help you desing the ideal solution, including Site Surveys and Seismic Engineering.

World-Class Build Quality

We precision manufacture your products using the latest CNC machinery and the best materials.  Unsurpassed Quality is the result.

Project Management, Budgeting, Permitting

We can handle any aspect of the project you need, including full Project Management and ensuring all Local Permitting is secured.

Delivery, Installation and Support

Our nationwide distribution and FOB network will deliver your products fase, and our Installation Team is second to none.

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Next Level Storage Solutions:

“Next Level provided us with a great solution in maximizing our warehouse space with high-density racking, specifically, push back racking. In addition, we replaced some of our standard teardrop racking with their own FlexRack and it was easy and quick with the bolt-on application.”

Warehouse Supervisor

“Clearly, Scott Renninger knows what he is talking about. He personally came to our facility and walked through giving us suggestions on how to improve our warehouse and maximize productivity. Scott, thanks for your time and expertise.”

Distribution Manager

“The FlexRack made by Next Level is truly a superior product. We had existing pallet racking and wanted to add on to the existing rack. Piece of cake. Their FlexRack worked perfectly and we received it within one week from placing the order. Way to go!”

Warehouse Manager