Brand New Mezzanines from $16.99 Per Sq. Ft. 

Made in the USA Quality

Our Mezzanines are of the highest quality, custom made in the USA. You get exactly what you need.


Manufacturer Direct Pricing

No Middleman means you pay less. Starting at $16.99 per sq. ft. for the framing structure, then add options like guardrails, landings, stairs, gates, and more.


Quick Quote and Quick Ship

Same day quotes, a huge stock of goods, and fast shipping. Call us at 800-230-8846 or use our fast quote form.

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Don’t Settle for Less. Next Level offers BRAND NEW, CUSTOM MEZZANINES that will transform your building, instantly increasing your capacities. Our mezzanines are of the highest quality and fabricated in-house, so you get what you want, precision designed and engineered to your specifications. And because there’s no middleman, you get a great price too.

Whether you need another level for storage, or want to move the offices “upstairs”, we can design, build, and install your Mezzanine anywhere in the United States. Don’t settle for refurbished or imports when new, American-made quality is within your reach. 

Better still, the options are virtually limitless – almost any reasonable configuration is possible, and they can be designed to be semi-permanent or easily reshaped/relocated. Our Mezzanines are a superb investment.

Call us at (800) 230-8846 or use the form for a fast, no-obligation quote.

You CAN have exactly what you want. Next Level Storage can design and custom build a high-quality mezzanine to fit your precise needs, at a price that will surprise you.

  • Multiple deck and flooring options (b-deck, wood, etc.)
  • Add racking underneath for maximum storage.
  • Modular build-style plus in-house fabrication means unlimited choices for you.
  • Built from multi-gauge roll form or structural steel.
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Next Level Can Handle Your Entire Mezzanine Project.

Design and Engineering

Our expert engineers can help you design the ideal Mezzanine, including Site Surveys and Seismic Engineering.

World-Class Build Quality

We precision manufacture your Mezzanine using the latest CNC machinery and the best materials. Unsurpassed quality is the result.

Project Management, Budgeting, Permitting

We can handle any aspect of the project you need, including full project management and ensuring all local permitting is secured.

Delivery, Installation and Support

Our nationwide distribution and FOB network will deliver your Mezzanine fast, and our installation team is second to none.

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If You Need More Space, There's No Equal

Let Next Level provide you with a fast mezzanine quote that will give you the extra space you’re looking for.

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