Carton Flow Rack

Carton Flow Racks for “NEXT UP” Picking

Increase speed and efficiency with smart carton flow racking.

Use gravity to your advantage with Carton Flow Racks from Next Level. These racks are ideal for manual picking/packing operations, as they allow workers to remain stationary as the goods “flow” downhill to them. This helps on several levels – it’s faster, workers are more comfortable, and it reduces awkward motions, meaning injuries are reduced.

Generally, carton flow racks are used for smaller goods that are packed in cartons or totes (where gravity flow racks are used for larger items and pallets). We fabricate carton flow racks to meet your needs, with single or multiple truss systems. Rollers can be customized to spec to accommodate different item weights, and pitches can be adjustable as well.

Fast moving goods, lightweight items, pick/pack operations where workers pick multiple of one product… all of these are made easier with a Carton Flow Rack. Let us help you maximize your space and time today.

Let Gravity Do the Work

Carton flow racks make picking and packing lighter weight items much faster, saving you time and increasing worker efficiency.

Safer for Workers

By allowing items to flow downward towards workers, you eliminate awkward reaching. This reduces injuries and increases worker comfort.

Customized for You

Length, width, customized for your sized goods… it’s all possible. Let us know your needs, and we’ll get you the perfect Carton Flow Rack.

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Product Specifications

Variable pitch options for all manner of goods
Multiple options for height, width, and depth
Roller resistance can vary according to spec
Can be both LIFO and FIFO storage

Next Level Offers as Much Service as You Need

Design and Engineering

Our expert engineers can help you desing the ideal solution, including Site Surveys and Seismic Engineering.

World-Class Build Quality

We precision manufacture your products using the latest CNC machinery and the best materials.  Unsurpassed Quality is the result.

Project Management, Budgeting, Permitting

We can handle any aspect of the project you need, including full Project Management and ensuring all Local Permitting is secured.

Delivery, Installation and Support

Our nationwide distribution and FOB network will deliver your products fase, and our Installation Team is second to none.

Need more than a Carton Flow Rack?

See what our clients say about
Next Level Storage Solutions:

“Next Level provided us with a great solution in maximizing our warehouse space with high-density racking, specifically, push back racking. In addition, we replaced some of our standard teardrop racking with their own FlexRack and it was easy and quick with the bolt-on application.”

Warehouse Supervisor

“Clearly, Scott Renninger knows what he is talking about. He personally came to our facility and walked through giving us suggestions on how to improve our warehouse and maximize productivity. Scott, thanks for your time and expertise.”

Distribution Manager

“The FlexRack made by Next Level is truly a superior product. We had existing pallet racking and wanted to add on to the existing rack. Piece of cake. Their FlexRack worked perfectly and we received it within one week from placing the order. Way to go!”

Warehouse Manager