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Rack and shelving market reaching new highs

Focused on maximizing existing floor space and going up as high as possible, companies are poised to keep rack and shelving providers’ order pipelines brimming during the year ahead.

By Bridget McCrea, Editor · February 8, 2019

Selective racking solutions
Scott Renninger, vice president of design solutions at Next Level Storage, says:

"More companies are asking for racking versus shelving, with a particular emphasis on bulk picking and more selective racking solutions."

“We’ve also started getting more requests for higher storage now,” Renninger says. “Companies want to utilize the taller building spaces and really maximize the area.”

To fill those requests, Next Level Storage stocks 28-foot-tall frames for its national quick-ship program. “The lead times for racking are pretty long right now, and customers are looking for fast deliveries on their orders,” says Renninger. “We’re trying to keep our quick-ship inventory up, and particularly on the tall products.”

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