Cantilever Warehouse Racks

Cantilever Warehouse Racks are free-standing storage units with horizontal load carrying arms extending out from a single vertical column. The absence of a vertical support on the ends of the arms permits uninterrupted storage of long lengths of material.

Get organized by utilizing Cantilever Warehouse Racks. You can save space, and be more productive with uninterrupted storage of long lengths of material. Versatile and adaptable to any space, Cantilever Warehouse Racks are ideal for storing metal or PVC pipe, tubing, lumber, furniture and other long, heavy items.

Materials on a cantilever rack are accessible either manually or with material handling equipment.

Like pallet rack, cantilever has specific components that work together to create larger bays and rows of storage. Uprights are the main structural components, and they work with bases to create the ‘backbone’ of the rack. Uprights are available in single or double-sided configurations (with double-sided uprights, you can store material on both sides of the cantilever warehouse racks).

Cantilever arms make up the storage levels. The arms are typically adjustable to create shelf levels at the heights needed. Arms can be straight or inclined to hold goods that could roll off.

Features and Benefits to Cantilever Warehouse Racks

  • Ideal for storing pipe, tubing, lumber, furniture and other long, heavy items.
  • Easily access unpalletized materials with a forklift.
  • Arms are available in 12”- 60“ lengths in a variety of capacities and are adjustable on 3” centers.
  • Upright heights are from 8’ to 20’ and bracing is available in 2‘ to 10’ widths.
  • Uprights can be single or double sided.
  • Decking can be added for storing items such as furniture.
  • Available in roll formed or structural steel and in a range of gauges to meet any weight requirement.
  • Structural steel cantilever is available in both “H Beam” and “I Beam” styles for even greater versatility.
  • May be ordered in any powder coat color or galvanized steel.
  • We can design and make custom cantilever systems for any specification.
Cantilever Warehouse Racks Next Level Storage

Cantilever Warehouse Racks


When you’re ready to talk about Cantilever Warehouse Racks and your storage needs, contact a Next Level Storage Solutions engineer.  We’ll be happy to help you find the right solution for your warehouse or facility, even if it means not selling you our pallet rack. We’re committed to building strong relationships, not just making another sale.


Our pallet rack installation team has experience working in a variety of buildings across North America.


NextLevel Storage Solutions can assist you with the permit process at your local city or county.


All equipment & safety audits are performed by highly trained, certified safety experts.

Project Management

NextLevel Storage Solutions provides engineering, permitting and systems integration to ensure that your project is on time and on budget.

Site Surveys

NextLevel is more than a manufacturer of pallet racks and material handling products. We are a true material handling solutions provider.

Seismic Engineering

NextLevel Storage Solutions will perform seismic engineering analyses and detailed designs for your material storage systems.

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With more distribution hubs located throughout the United States than other pallet rack manufacturers, NextLevel has the ability to ship your products quicker with reduced shipping cost and time. Need warehouse racking quickly? We can ship same day in most cases.

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NextLevel Storage Solutions Testimonials

Next Level provided use with a great solution is maximizing our warehouse space with high density racking, specifically, push back racking. In addition, we replaced some of our standard tear drop racking with their own flex rack and it was easy and quick with the bolt on application.
David McCormick
Warehouse Supervisor
Clearly Scott Renninger knows what he is talking about. He personally came to our facility and walked through giving us suggestions how to improve our warehouse and maximize productivity. Scott, thanks for your time and expertise.
Michael Stevens
Distribution Manager
The Flex Rack made by Next Level is truly a superior product. We had existing pallet racking and wanted to add on to the existing rack. Piece of cake. Their Flex Rack worked perfectly and we received it within 1 week from placing the order. Way to go.
Joseph Ronaldo
Warehouse Manager
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