Let’s discuss warehouse racks and permits a little, because it can be an overlooked part of certain jobs.

First of all, do you even need a permit? It will depend on your town or city’s laws, and also the type of project it is.  

And if you do need a permit for a rack project or mezzanine, who gets them?

The answer can vary, but the right answer is “the rack people” (that’s us.)

Why? Experience and knowledge. It’s almost a no-brainer to have the rack installer do it. But they have to be good at it, too (we are.)

If you do need a permit, the process can be complicated and tedious. You have to be diligent, accurate with drawings and specs, and you have to deal with governments.  And it can take a little while too (as a homeowner, I had to wait two months to get a simple fence variance. That’s what happens when the various committees only meet once a month.)

Permitting should be a priority, because nothing can really happen until that’s done. You can have materials sitting there and people waiting to work, but if the proper permits are not secured, nothing is going to happen.

One thing we’ve always practiced at Next Level is ensuring the proper permits are secured as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s a service we offer, and it’s a service we always recommend clients take us up on. We talk about this a bit more in detail on our warehouse rack permitting page.

We understand some customers are hands-on. They simply want their rack, and will handle installation themselves. And that’s fine – if you are going that far, by all means, get your own permits. But if you’re having Next Level install your racks, definitely let us get the permits.