Ok, let’s talk about mezzanine pricing for a bit. Because there are a few things to go into getting the best price for a mezzanine.

The first thing you have to decide is whether you want to go for a new or used mezzanine. The used might save you a few dollars at purchase, but I’ll be honest – we’re not fans of used warehouse racks (including mezzanines) here at Next Level. The simple fact is, the money you save ends up being a dop in the bucket to what you lose by the mezzanine not being quite right for your specific use. Once you shape your operations around a rack or a platform (and not the other way around), you lose efficiency.   

So ok, in getting your mezzanine pricing, let’s avoid used. So where does that leave us? Well, two ways: you can buy a pre-packaged mezzanine in the size and shape you wish. That can work pretty good if your needs are basic and it’s really easy to put additional racking in your space. A big, empty building is somewhat easy to work with. That will be the most cost-effective option (which we can handle).

But don’t discount a custom mezzanine either. As it turns out, this is our most popular service. If you are already using your workspace, adding a mezzanine is almost always going to be easier/better if you opt for a custom mezzanine. This is where the platform is built to your needs and size requirements, with the stairs exactly where you want them (or no stairs at all, which happens more often than you think.) And trust us, it’s not overly expensive at all.

When you work directly with a warehouse rack manufacturer (like Next Level), you are avoiding the middleman. This allows you to get a brand new mezzanine, custom made for your exact needs, at pretty darn close to a used price. And when you factor in the efficiency of your workspace, custom outperforms used/pre-fab every single time. 

The best pricing on a mezzanine is not that hard to arrive at. For our money, go custom, because it costs almost the same upfront, and WAAAY less in the long run.