Warehouse Rack Manufacturers vs. Distributors

The internet has really been a boon to both rack manufacturers and rack buyers, because it allows buyers to peruse many different companies to get exactly what they need.

That stated, there is one drawback to the internet – it allows anyone to say whatever they want, and nobody is the wiser.

Now this goes waaaay beyond social media arguments or online dating, where people may not be anything like they present (oof, I can recall an… interesting date in June of 99’). It extends to businesses as well.

Here in 2020, we can have a 22-year-old kid in a spare bedroom in Wisconsin with a graphic designer contractor in India calling themselves an “international corporation with offices on two continents”; we have Amway distributors calling themselves “CEO”; and closer to home for us in the warehouse storage industry, we have dealers and resellers calling themselves “Rack Manufacturers”.

I can be no clearer than this: if you’re not building racks to the exact size and specifications a customer wants, then you are NOT a rack manufacturer.

I’m not going to completely disparage those who are buying parts and reselling them, or slapping together prefabricated pieces with no room for customization. Like any other industry, you have your low end, your high end, your custom boutique manufacturers, and every other level.

But I do bristle when a company calls themselves a “manufacturer” when the only thing manufactured is what they are calling themselves. And I bristle because a company like ours goes the extra mile to produce the highest quality, bespoke warehouse racks available. Sure, we make (and sometimes buy) pieces and parts. Then we can shape and forge them into exactly what you want.

That’s a manufacturer. It involves steel, welds, sparks, measuring (twice), precision cutting and shaping, and more. And that’s just in the shop. Prior to that, it involves a complete understanding of client racking and storage needs, and what’s going to work for their operation. It involves questions, answers, and follow-up questions. It involves knowing.

If you want a 40’x40’ rack fast, we can do that. But if you need the oddest measurement possible, with one side a little wider because of your existing warehouse building… oh, and you need an access point in an unconventional spot too, we’ve got you covered.

Know why? Because we can manufacture it right here, ourselves. The dealers? “Close enough” is their mantra. But close enough is not good enough. It never is.

Bottom line: if you want or need high quality manufactured racks for your warehouse or storage needs, you need to use a true rack manufacturer.