Moving a storage operation is a massive undertaking that can be logistically challenging. And relocating while doing “business as usual” presents even more significant challenges to keep operational restrictions or downtimes to an absolute minimum with the least possible business interruption and cost. A relocation project of this type requires organizational skills and can’t be done right without careful planning. Let’s take a look at some potential roadblocks that could cost you unnecessary expense or even turn your move into chaos.

Surprise Shipment & Deliveries

Make plans to avoid surprise shipments and overlooked deliveries. How orders and deliveries will occur during the relocation is a conversation to have with warehouse and shipping managers early on.

Lack of Proper Permitting

Not having all the proper permitting could stop your relocation dead in its tracks. Last minute permitting issues will come at great expense. Be sure that your occupancy, building, and fire codes are all in place well in advance of the move.

Not Performing an Equipment Audit

It won’t make sense to go to the expense of moving material handling and storage equipment that’s on its last legs. Audits can help in determining whether or not an investment in new mechanical or structural equipment is needed, identify abuse, and quantify remaining life. Structural inspections can also be done to investigate the effects of rack re-profiling, damage and code changes. Before the move is the time to access the viability of relocating your equipment.

Delaying Your Equipment Order

Whether you are replacing some (or all ) of your storage equipment or adding more equipment to what you have, make sure you understand the lead times involved. Sure, you can find some in-stock pallet rack for “quick-ship,” but you’ll pay a premium and will likely have to compromise because quick-ship programs offer limited sizes.

Neglecting Your Computer and Warehouse Management Systems

Keep your IT team actively involved in your relocation to ensure that your new facility and old warehouse are networked so that business-as-usual can go on as smoothly as possible.
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