And the winner is: the space above the loading dock doors!

That’s right, that area above the loading dock doors is a potential gold mine of storage space. Did you know that each dock door offers an average of 100 square feet of unused space? That’s nothing to sniff at.

What to store over the dock door

While over-the-door storage would not typically be for really heavy items, it’s perfect for lighter weight items, such as empty shipping pallets. Enter most any warehouse, and you’ll typically see empty pallets cluttering the warehouse floors, the corners, and even the shipping and receiving docks themselves. Empty pallets strewn about are always in everybody’s way, plus they are an eyesore. But more important than creating poor aesthetics and being a nuisance, empty pallets pose safety hazards. Stacks of pallets are unstable, tip over easily, and create visual impediments to lift trucks drivers. Why not use that wasted space over the dock doors to declutter the warehouse and make a safer facility for all?
Other items besides empty pallets that are good candidates for over door storage include shipping cartons, packing materials, and really any bulky, lighter weight item that consumes floor space.

Types of over-the-door storage

Single leg over door storage systems consists of an upright frame that has a special offset with heavy-duty wall ties to stabilize the frame. These systems are best suited for buildings with poured concrete walls or exposed columns.
Full upright over door storage systems use conventional uprights offer more load bearing capacity. They are typically designed to be freestanding with two legs mounted on a concrete floor. This a good alternative for storing heavier loads or when no load should be added to the walls or ceiling.
A ceiling supported over the door storage system offers maximum forklift clearance and is suitable for buildings with any kind of wall. The rack frames are bolted or welded to the to the roof trusses, and because the rack is suspended, that means there are are no legs to interfere with lift truck traffic. However, a building architect must verify the building ‘s ability to support the additional weight of the racking and pallets.
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