Reducing Your Aisle Width For High Density Warehouse Storage

Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack can reduce aisle space by up to 40%[/caption] Did you know that maximizing storage in your warehouse can be as much about the aisles as the rack itself? Aisles can take up to 80% of a facility’s available floor space – that’s why reducing unnecessary aisle space can create more room for more pallet rack to increase your storage capacity. Narrow aisle racking systems allow you to create high density storage by making better use of your floor space and ceiling height, enabling you to to store up to 50 percent more product in the same amount of space. Let’s take a look at the narrow aisle options and how they operate. While conventional or wide aisles (WA) are generally about 12 feet or wider, narrow aisles (NA) are about 8 to 10 feet wide. Narrow aisle configurations can save about 20 percent of the space. Stand up trucks, reach trucks, and double deep reach trucks operate in NA widths. Very narrow aisles, known as VNA, measure under 6 feet and can reduce aisle space dramatically, allowing you store up to 40%-50% more product. VNA systems require special lift vehicles such as articulated counterbalanced forklifts, turret trucks ,and order-pickers. VNA systems often employ wire, rail, or optical guidance systems to travel within the aisles to optimize speed and reduce product, rack and vehicle damage. Guidance systems improve productivity by freeing the operator to concentrate on lifting and direction rather than steering. While you can definitely optimize your storage capacity by going narrower and higher, to determine if a VNA or NA system will maximize your profits, you’ll need to balance the space savings against any possible losses in productivity. You may find that a combination of aisle widths to accommodate faster moving products as well as slower moving products is the best storage solution for optimal efficiency and space savings. Interested in reducing your floor space to maximize your storage capacity? Next Level design professionals are here to help you discover the ideal storage solutions for your facility. Whether the best aisle solution for you is wide, narrow, very narrow , or something in between, we’re able to design and produce the right system that will help to increase your facility’s efficiency and reduce operating costs. Call 800-230-8846 now to speak with a warehousing expert or contact us here.  [/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]]]>

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