Is your facility lighting an afterthought, a necessary burden that you prefer to spend as little as possible on? We know it’s tempting to go that route, but it ‘s important to realize that cheap, substandard lighting will likely cost you more in the long haul. Good lighting in a warehouse or factory is essential for worker safety, optimal performance, and operational efficiency. Subpar lighting alternatives will cost you in terms of damaged goods, worker injuries, inefficient production, and higher electric bills. Here are some lighting strategies to consider when assessing your options.

LED Lighting

If you ‘re still using high-density discharge (HID) or fluorescent lighting in your facility, you might want to consider switching to LED. While initially more expensive, LED lighting offers a huge advantage when it comes to energy efficiency and your bottom line, saving as much as 80% on electric bills. LEDs are also more durable, essentially maintenance-free, longer lasting, and offer better light uniformity.

Free, Natural Lighting

Employ natural light whenever possible. Make the most of windows, docking areas and openings whenever possible for your facility. Skylights can make a huge difference in the cost of warehouse lighting – obviously there is a cost to purchase and install them, but typically skylights pay for themselves in the long-run.

Automatic Lighting Controls And Sensors

If you have a lot of natural light, the electric lighting can be automatically controlled to switch on or continuously dim in response to daylight. Use a combination of warehouse lighting control strategies such as scheduling, occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, bi-level switching, and automatic dimming to turn lights off or down when not needed.

Reflective Materials

Use galvanized steel products (like wire decking) wherever you can to enhance light refraction. Painted materials absorb light, but galvanized steel offers light reflective qualities that help to brighten spaces. All Next Level braces and base plates are constructed of galvanized steel (at no extra cost).