Next Level is a pallet rack manufacturer, but we are also a full service material handling solutions provider. And that’s where our blog comes in- we post regularly with the goal of providing information and resources for warehouse managers, distributors, manufacturers, or anyone seeking knowledge about facility storage, material handling, and the business of distribution and logistics in general. We don’t blog in the hopes of receiving commendation or awards, so we were quite pleasantly surprised when we were notified of our blog’s inclusion in Feedspot’s Top 25 Warehouse Blogs.
According to Feedspot, blogs are ranked based on the following criteria: Google reputation and Google search ranking, influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites, quality and consistency of posts. While we are flattered that Feedspot ranked our content, we realize this happened because of you, our readers, and we know many of you are also our valued customers. So, thank you for reading and supporting our efforts. We do want to be sure we continue to offer content that resonates, so we would love to hear from you about topics of interest and questions you may have about warehousing and material handling that you would like to see addressed here on our blog. You can contact us here, email us, or call 800-230-8846. We truly welcome your ideas and input!