How do you decide if a high density push back pallet rack system is right for your facility? To get started, here are some basic questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you need to increase your warehouse storage capacity?
  • Do you need to store several products that have more than 5 pallets per SKU?
  • Do you need to move pallets quickly due to low profit margins?
  • Do you have high pallet turnover?
  • Are you in the food industry?

Answering yes to any of these questions could indicate that your warehouse facility might be a good candidate for push back pallet rack.

How Push Back Rack Works

On a push back rack system, pallets are placed by forklift onto wheeled carts, which ride on rails. When another pallet is placed onto the rack, it literally pushes back the pallet in front of it and consequently moves all of the pallets back a slot. When pallets are removed, the pallets behind the front-most one then move forward so that there is always a pallet at the ready.

Advantages of Push Back Rack Systems

Lift truck drivers never enter the rack, thus reducing the chances for rack damage.

Each level can store a different product, improving stock rotation and occupancy.

Flexible and easy to modify to suit changing warehouse needs.

Ability to store multiple SKUs on different lane levels.

Faster than other systems to load and unload.

Needs no special lift equipment.

Offers high density storage and good aisle selectivity.

Can Push Back Pallet Racks be FIFO?

You may be under the impression that pushback racks are always LIFO (last in, first out), rather than FIFO (first in, first out). With FIFO, you get product rotation because the oldest pallets are removed and shipped before the newer ones. With push back rack, the individual lanes are indeed LIFO, but it is possible to achieve FIFO with a properly configured push back system. In fact, you will see push backs racks in many food industry facilities- places where achieving FIFO is crucial for minimizing spoilage and waste. How does this work? The key to achieving FIFO with push back rack is to have multiple lanes of the same product and to empty the oldest lanes first- it just takes good planning! This works well when there are medium to high volumes of each pallet/product type.

Next Level Push Back rack, available in roll-formed or structural steel, is a very flexible, cost-efficient, and space-saving warehouse solution. If you ‘re interesting in discussing push back as a possibility for your facility, contact us here or call 800-230-8846 now to speak to a Next Level warehousing expert.