While it may be tempting to save a few dollars by purchasing just what you need for the present, ignoring your future warehousing needs can cost more in the long run in the form of temporary storage and limited efficiency. When planning your racking system, think about not only what suits your growing business now, but in the future as well. Here ‘s what to consider for future growth.

Pallet Storage

Determining how many pallets you need to store now is likely one of the first questions you will address when planning your warehouse design. But it ‘s important to factor in your growth rate to determine how many pallets you will need to store going forward and towards the end of your lease.

Overstock Storage

Long or short-term overstock is common in warehousing environments and should be factored in. Make sure to plan for or adequate space to set up temporary storage and work space for those times when you will inevitably have too much stock.

Vertical Expansion

If you want your business to grow, it ‘s imperative to plan for expansion. Consider the facility height, as well as your storage system height, when planning for the future. You may currently only need 12 ‘ tall racks, but it’s quite possible you will need more as time goes on. A good plan will allow you to erect taller pallet racks, or even a mezzanine, if and when needed. The ability to add more pallet positions later could be become critical for the health of your business.

Weight Increases

In addition to your square footage and vertical storage capabilities, it ‘s important to think about  the rack capacities needed for future growth. You may want to consider specifying beams and uprights capable of storing more weight than what you currently need in case your load weights increase. The heavier racks may be a bit more expensive, but loading flexibility can be a huge asset, far outweighing the initial expense.

Adequate Space for Common Areas

As your business grows, you will likely need more space for common areas such as aisles, equipment, dunnage, employees, work cells, and more.

While no one has a crystal ball, people don ‘t go into business to stay stagnant. Preparing for your growth and future warehousing needs should be a part of any good business plan. Next Level is more than a manufacturer of pallet racks and material handling products; we are a true material handling solutions provider, offering innovative warehouse facility design to help you meet tomorrow ‘s needs today. Click here to contact us or call 800-230-8846 to speak with a design expert today.