If your warehouse is in violation of any Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety regulations, it could be a dangerous place for employees and visitors. 

According to OSHA, many warehouse injuries and illnesses can be tracked to ten most prevalent warehouse violations.:

1. Forklifts

2. Hazard communication

3. Exits

4. Electrical – wiring methods, components, and equipment

5. Electrical system design

6. Fire safety

7. Lockout/tagout

8. Respiratory protection

9. Materials handling

10. Walking surfaces

To avoid OSHA violations and possible injuries, lawsuits and large losses, it ‘s important to schedule regular annual warehouse safety audits performed by highly trained, certified safety experts. The results of these audits can also help in determining whether or not investment in new mechanical or structural equipment is needed, identify abuse, and quantify remaining equipment life. OSHA also provides safety checklists that are a great starting point for addressing existing safety hazards, as well as identifying potential workplace hazards in the warehouse. These warehouse checklists also can help employers identify areas where more training might needed in workplace safety. 

In addition to using the OSHA checklists and scheduling annual safety audits by outside experts, we recommend scheduling pallet rack inspections by your own warehouse management & workers on a regular basis. It ‘s always important to file “incidental rack damage as it happens. Consistent rack inspection will improve your employees ‘ understanding of pallet rack safety and can be a way to spot a problem before it ‘s too late.

Being able to provide a current safety compliance record can be extremely beneficial. Not only does it give you peace of mind that your warehouse is being run safely, but it can also be a draw to potential customers that your business is conducted in a safe and secure environment. In the event that any legal action were to arise, having a good paper trail of your audits and compliance with all health and safety regulations will be invaluable.

As a full service warehouse solutions provider, Next Level offers equipment and warehouse safety audit services nationwide. We can also help you develop a customized checklist for your specific warehouse to use in house between audits. Connect with us here, or call 800-230-8846 for more information.

Photo Credit: James Willamor via Flickr Creative Commons. Click image to view source. Click here to view license.