Is your warehouse organized and efficient? Or, is it like many others, suffering from a lack of “housekeeping ? It ‘s easy for a warehouse to become a disordered war zone when business is growing, shipments are rolling in, and orders are rolling out. We ‘re not blaming you, because we know the last thing you need to be doing is playing housekeeper. But we also know that a disorderly warehouse can cause not only stress, but can lead to inefficient operations that can ultimately cost you money.

So in the best interest of your mental health and  your wallet, here are some tips on how to keep a more tidy warehouse that will lead to a more optimized operations system.

1. Don ‘t procrastinate.
It ‘s easy to say “let ‘s just take care of this later, when a big shipment comes in at a busy time. This is a bad habit that must be broken right now. Taking the time to do it right, when it comes in, will prevent it from growing into a larger problem.

2. Optimize your picking process.
An optimized picking process is the key to creating an efficient system. Keep your best-selling products near the shipping area. Keep them clearly labeled and get them out quickly.

3. Keep traffic areas clear.
Be sure to keep things out of the main traffic areas. Large pile-ups can become barriers that keep you from fulfilling orders. Avoid major backups by being vigilant when it comes to keeping these areas clear.

4. Optimize your stock layout.If you have items that are constantly shipped together, place them together in your warehouse. Analyze your order data for statistical support, then decrease your picking time by placing these products closer together.

5. Keep an open line of communication going with your warehouse team and encourage feedback.
Don ‘t underestimate your warehouse employees and their role in the success of your overall sales goals! Their speed and dedication can make or break your operations. Ask for their input and learn to trust their instincts.

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