Warehousing Basics: Understanding Pallet Rack Systems, Part 5 – Accessories

Part 5 of our “Warehousing Basics” series explores the variety of  pallet rack accessories that can enhance a rack system’s capabilities. There are a number of pallet rack ancillary products, or accessories, that can help you optimize your storage system’s efficiency and safety. While some accessories are optional, many of them are quite necessary for specific situations. An example of an optional accessory would be a column protector or end-of-aisle protector. Though not necessary, those are the types of accessories you might certainly regret not having it your rack were severely damaged by a lift truck! Here’s a look at some of the options.

Row Spacers and Wall Ties

Row spacers and wall ties keep your racking system aligned and add to the system’s rigidity. A row spacer is the steel member used to tie uprights together back to back. This forms a double row. There can be triple and quadruple rows when using double reach tracks. Common row spacer lengths are 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12.″ A wall tie, obviously, connects your rack to the wall. Both of these accessories create a more sturdy rack system, while helping it stay in place if impacted. They are also used to provide clearance for building columns, or other obstacles.

Cross Aisle Ties

These ties connect two frames together at the top which extend across the aisle. These ties are often used when the height-to-depth ratio of a single row is excessive or for top aisle guides. Frame heights are usually extended where cross-aisle ties are used so they won’t be hit by the pallets removed as they from the top.

Pallet Supports

Pallet support bars, also called crossbars, are designed to connect over the pallet rack step beam of a rack system to support the bottom of the pallet load and reinforce the system as a whole. The amount of supports to be used for each pallet load will depend on the weight of the loads and size of your pallet rack system

Pallet Rack Protectors

Accidents happen. Column protectors and end-of-aisle protectors can prevent rack damage from fork lifts and pallet trucks. If products or goods were to fall from the racks upon accidental impact, goods could be damaged, or even worse, employees could be injured. And rack damage is costly, causing warehouse downtime, productivity losses, and expensive rack repair.

Wire Decking

Wire decking is used to prevent pallets, or the products stored on them, from falling through the rack structure.  The wire deck acts as a shelf, which also eliminates the risk associated with not placing the pallet perfectly on the beams when loading and unloading. Wire decking also prevents dust from collecting and allows air and light to circulate through each storage level.

Shims & Anchor Bolts

Shims are the thin plates (that are usually the same size and shape as the frame’s base plates) which are installed under the base plates as necessary to stabilize the frames on uneven floors. Anchor bolts are the hardware used to anchor the rack columns to the floor. The RMI Specification requires that all rack columns be anchored with at least one anchor per column. The rack manufacturer will often provide extra holes in the base plate as alternate holes that can be used in case floor reinforcing interference is encountered when drilling the floor.   These are some of the most significant accessories available for pallet rack systems, but there are many others. Taking advantage of the various pallet rack accessories can ensure that your warehouse racking system is efficient and safe.    ]]>

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