Many manufacturers take a mandatory break over the holidays. They enforce this time off to save overhead and because during the holiday season productivity is often on the lower end of the spectrum.

Overhead Reduction

Ways they save money on overhead during this period include: not running the air conditioning and heating, and reducing excessive lighting and power for electronics. In addition, fewer employees working means payroll may be reduced significantly, along with keeping costs down on any supplies needed. One caveat to the payroll reduction is that full-time employees will often have paid vacation days that can be used during the shut down.

Maintaining Productivity

Since many employees use the holiday season to travel and visit family and friends, it’s often the case that the company would lose a significant portion of its staff if it stayed fully operational. Those remaining might work at a lower level of productivity, as morale often drops off when the key decision-makers and motivators are not on site. But shutting down for the holidays, employers can help those employees who rarely take time off from burning out.
It allows the company to plan on one period each year where many people will be using vacation days, as opposed to having the vacation days scattered throughout the year. When vacations are scattered throughout the year, it’s more difficult for management to properly plan for & staff the facility appropriately.
Another asset to shutting down over the holidays is that I can provide the business with ample time to perform maintenance on the facility, conduct an audit of inventory, and focus on the start of the upcoming year.
When manufacturers take time off, it’s with the focus of the well-being for the whole of the company, and this period of rest grants hard-working employees much needed time to recharge their batteries. A break can serve as a smart and simple solution for balance in any facility’s workplace.
If your manufacturing facility is shutting down for the holidays, then we hope it’s a welcome break for you & an opportunity to spend more time with the ones you love doing the things you love to do.