2014 has been a terrific year at Next Level Storage. We launched our revolutionary pallet rack line FlexRack™ Pallet Rack, as well as our Wire Decking line.
Our mission has been to continually raise the bar, as we design, engineer and manufacture the highest quality warehouse storage solutions and provide industry-leading service. Along the way, we ‘ve shined the spotlight on industry news and topics related to the warehouse and storage industry.
Here’s a round-up of our most popular posts from 2014:

What is a Pallet Rack?

We explore Pallet Rack (a storage system designed to store materials on pallets in horizontal rows with multiple levels) from the ground up, discussing the system and components, as well as functionality. Each sec

How to Increase Warehouse Storage Capacity

Every warehouse is a little bit different and may require a somewhat different approach to maximize its storage density and/or efficiency of product movement. In this post, we explore the various ways to achieve optimal and increased storage capacity – from warehouse racking systems, to push-back racks, and Pallet Rack systems.

Pallet Rack Safety

Safety is key in the warehouse, and most often all accidents that occur with them could have been prevented. We focused on everything from Pallet Rack collapses to safety and maintenance in this post, to help better arm you to prevent future accidents.

Pallet Rack Teardrop Design

When it comes to manufacturing pallet rack, there are a number of choices to be made in the design process. These choices ultimately determine the usefulness of the pallet rack to the end user — oftentimes a warehouse manager or maintenance technician. One choice we had to make before we could even think about manufacturing & shipping FlexRack™ Pallet Rack was whether or not to use a teardrop design. This post explores wy the case of our pallet rack, teardrop design was a cut & dry winner.

Things To Know Before Ordering A Pallet Rack

An industry veteran once told me he wished someone had told him how to order a Pallet Rack his first year. This got my wheels turning on how much confusion there is for 1st time buyers when it comes to pallet rack. In this post, we explore helpful tips to keep in mind before you make your next pallet rack purchase.
It ‘s been our pleasure to explore Pallet Rack maintenance and know-how, along with standard industry news, and articles with you. We can ‘t wait to see what 2015 brings. If you find yourself in the market, please remember, ordering pallet rack with us is easy, just call 1.800.230.8846 or send us a message.