Risk is Everywhere

Risk is everywhere. In the supply chain, there are countless risks to manage. Transporting goods is just one of those risks, but it’s one with a couple of obvious dangers. A wreck, whether on the road or out at sea, can lead to lost time, lost goods, & (in the worst case scenarios) bad injuries. Don’t worry, this video is not of a devastating wreck….more like a slow-motion bump between two behemoths of the sea.
Skip to the 2:40 mark to see the actual collision.

As far as we know, no one was seriously injured in this collision. The goods were eventually recovered & the ships repaired. As this video made the rounds via email over the last couple of days however, it got us thinking about the many risks in our industry & how we have to plan for & adjust to sudden changes on a regular basis. Whether it’s a delivery delay (because of a container ship collision) or an equipment malfunction (like a forklift smashing into a pallet rack frame), there is always potential risk that is out of our control.

Control What You Can

Since we can’t control everything, we do our best to understand the things we can control & make sure that those things are done correctly the first time, every time. Understanding risk management may not be the sexiest topic in your workday world, but it might be the one that saves the day when all else goes wrong. So, turn to the risk management expert in your company for help navigating the unknown. He or she may have a course already mapped out to get you back on track, unless of course, your risk management expert is George Costanza from Seinfeld…