Warehouse Management System (WMS) Definition A Warehouse Management System, or WMS, is a software program to help manage the day-to-day activities in a warehouse. The WMS can be added to an existing warehouse system. Or it can be bought as part of an integrated suite. Either way, the WMS can be used to manage everything from tracking inventory to order fulfillment to scheduling automated picking systems. Warehouse design and process design within the warehouse is also part of warehouse management software. WMS programs enable centralized management of tasks. After all, if you can’t track it, you can’t manage it.

Top Warehouse Management Systems

Forrest Burnson at Software Advice put together a thorough article about WMS systems. Here are the top 10 most reviewed warehouse management software systems on their site:
  • Fishbowl Inventory
  • Snapfulfil
  • Enterprise WMS and Interchange EDI
  • 3PL Warehouse Manager by 3PL Central
  • JDA Software
  • SC Expert
  • ViewPoint Logistics
  • ACCTivate!
  • High Jump Warehouse Advantage
  • SAP – SCM

Warehouse Management Control

Inventory control management is one of the most if not the most crucial element of a warehouse managers job. WMS software allows managers to make key decisions in real-time based on hard data. Beyond Inventory Warehouse management systems offer huge advantages in several other key warehouse environments, shipping and receiving, put away, pick and pack, labor-management, doc management, and reporting.

Warehouse Software IconStand-Alone or Software Suite

Warehouse management software comes as a standalone product or as part of a software suite. The standalone product work with existing programs and typically offers the most customization options. If you in a niche market, then a standalone product may be offer you a program specific to your needs. Warehouse management software is also available in integrated software suites. The main advantage to a suite package is that it can manage multiple warehousing needs, including accounting, HR, or customer management. Seamless integration between programs means no fighting with the software to make sure everything is compatible. Deciding which is right for you, or your company is critical. It affects both the cost of the warehouse management software and the time to implement successfully.

Warehouse Management Software Questions

Before you purchase a new WMS for your warehouse, here are a few key questions to ask:
  • Is the WMS industry-specific to your company? If not can it be configured for that environment?
  • Are your current programs and processes able to integrate with the WMS?
  • What kind of UI is available & what is the cost of training employees to use it?
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