What is a Pallet Rack?

A Pallet Rack is a storage system designed to store materials on pallets in horizontal rows with multiple levels. They provide structure and overall support to your various materials, which can be stored on pallets (or skids, as they are sometimes called).
The materials handling industry is focused on efficiency. We need to know how to best store, move, and save time and money on materials. Finding and using the best racking solution in a warehouse gives you the best chance for success in a very competitive marketplace.

The Pallet Rack System

Understanding how pallet rack systems work is crucial to knowing how to best utilize them. Therefore we will be producing a series of blog posts that explore the different components that impact your pallet rack system. We will focus on storage capacity & rack functionality.
Since we ‘re exploring pallet racks from the ground up, each component will have its own blog post to better explain how it fits into an overall storage system.

Pallet Rack Components

Sitework & Flooring

  • Sitework will focus on soil bearing capacity. This is the capacity of soil to support the loads applied to the ground. In Pallet Rack system design, it is critical to confirm that the soil bearing capacity meets your load requirements.


  • There are many factors that determine the capacity of steel used in your Pallet Rack system. We ‘ll explore mill spec, yield & tensile strength, grade of steel, rolled steel, and KSI.


  • The Baseplate anchors your rack and provides stability. We ‘ll talk more about why this is important, and how different designs affect the rack capacity, maintenance, & configuration options.


  • The frame is made up of columns, bracing, and beams. These pieces are most visible and what most people think of when they think of pallet rack. There are many different design and configuration options for pallet rack frames. We ‘ll discuss several options and why/when to consider each.


  • Pallet rack accessories include row ties, wall ties, cross-aisle ties, splices, and reinforcing inserts. Accessories can impact the capacity & stability of rack. Some extend the functionality of the rack. We ‘ll explore how each accessory affects a rack ‘s design & capabilities.

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