Pallet Rack Safety

Material handling can be a complicated process with many moving parts. Two things that you will see in most warehouses are forklifts & pallet rack. And unless it’s a closed environment with automated lifts, you will also find people operating heavy machinery on a regular basis. Of course, this combination can cause problems.
Pallet rack systems that are not properly installed, maintained, or repaired are subject to failure. Sometimes, even rack that’s in good condition isn’t enough to prevent all accidents & life-threatening situations. Here is an old video that illustrates the point of just how dangerous a warehouse environment can become in a very short period of time.

Pallet Rack Collapse

Could that collapse have been prevented? Absolutely. But that was a very unique situation & using equipment that most in the US would never (and should never) use in an indoor environment with so little operating room. More common pallet rack failures come from negligence in maintenance & repair, or poor installation. Here are a couple of examples from Bristol Storage Equipment that show damaged pallet rack still in operation:
Pallet Rack Baseplate FailurePallet Rack Frame Failure

Pallet Rack Maintenance

Not all rack repair will be as intense as these collapsing columns, but even small problems can become big liabilities if not properly dealt with in a timely manner. Here is a 10-point checklist provided by a rack inspection company: view 10-point checklist.
The most important thing to remember is not to assume that your pallet rack will doesn’t need maintenance. Even rack with no moving parts is subject to failure for a variety of reasons. Always keep the original manufacturer, distributor, & installer information handy in case you have questions or need service. They should be able to help you themselves or get you in touch with someone who can.
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