Warehouse Employee Skills

I recently came across a post by Dylan Hunt, a student at Grand Valley State University, on The Logistics of Logistics blog. It was a great articulation of what he’s learned since working in a warehouse. In his post, Dylan talks about the 3 essential skills that he has realized that every good warehouse employee needs. Read his blog post here. The 3 skills are:

  1. Speed
  2. Accuracy
  3. Prioritizing

I agree entirely that these are essential skills for a good warehouse employee; however I thought I would take a moment to add one to the list. Safety Awareness.
Many people take for granted that others consider safety a high priority. However, the numbers show us that safety is clearly not a priority for some people or companies. A bad warehouse accident can set a company back in many ways. A lack of safety awareness can lead to damaged equipment, lost inventory, lost time for employees, higher insurance rates, & large, unbudgeted expenditures – among other things.
And all of those things seem insignificant if an employee is severely injured, even killed, on the job site. There is an immeasurable loss for the company & other employees in such a situation. Certainly, that loss doesn’t compare to a family’s grief, but it is felt in many ways nonetheless.

Is Warehouse Safety a Skill?

Below is an infographic from the MH&L Blog, which shows the safety hazard just between forklifts & pedestrians. There is an inherent risk in working with powerful machines, but with proper education & training, the risk can be minimized. In this way, I believe Safety Awareness to be an invaluable skill for any warehouse employee.