Odds are you ‘ve heard of Twitter, the 140-character-limited microblogging platform. For some, it ‘s simply a social scene where you can scope trends, spy on conversations and chat it up with like-minded folks, like us. More and more, though, businesses are catching on to the importance of being Twitter-present. And for the ones that are using it well, it ‘s proving a crucial resource for finding client leads, establishing marketplace expertise and remaining relevant in industry-related conversations. What about your business? If you ‘re not being social, it could be costing you.


Industrial companies, it seems, either embrace Twitter or they don ‘t. But more and more are converting to Twitter for their marketing efforts. According to a GlobalSpec Inc. study, the percentage of industrial professionals with a Twitter account grew from 15 percent to 22 percent between 2010 and 2011. And if you spend any time on Twitter, you ‘ll see the number continues to climb. For those who have yet to jump on board, though, the most common reason is the failure to see the benefit of Twitter for their business. To help shed some light, here are three reasons your business — and bottom line — need Twitter.
Gotta Keep Yourself Connected
To stay current in any industry, you have to stay connected by networking. You have to interact with the key players, and you have to get to know the rising stars. Once you have cultivated a foundational list of folks to follow on Twitter, you ‘ll organically meet even more people you didn ‘t know existed. And as any good networker knows, this can lead to more business and stronger hires.
You Have a Reputation to Uphold
On Twitter, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your company ‘s reputation. If your clients are on Twitter, they ‘re likely going to share their experience with your company, be it a positive or a negative one. If it ‘s positive, you should be there to offer an “aw, shucks! And if it ‘s an unfortunate one, you also need to be there with an apology or an explanation.
Need a Lead?
When business slows down, it ‘s time to hustle. And in the 21st Century, that means finding business on the Internet. But it ‘s easier to find when you ‘re already present. If you show up when times are tough, then you ‘re not only a fair-weather business, but you ‘re also vulnerable. Stay present and relevant in good times and bad, and you ‘re more likely to establish a loyal customer base and peer group.
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