Next Level Storage offers a wide variety of storage solutions to accommodate any storage facility need and layout. Our experts understand that an efficient, well-run storage facility begins with its pallet racking system because it will directly impact operations and therefore profitability. That ‘s why it ‘s important to know which pallet racking options works best for your space. And if you don ‘t know, Next Level can help you make that decision.
To help educate you on your options, we offer MHE Terminology posts that describe different storage options and explain the benefits they bring. Today ‘s post is about push back pallet racking.
Next Level ‘s push back pallets are professionally engineered and exceed Rack Manufacturers Institute ‘s specs. In short, they ‘re quality, well-built systems that offer optimal performance in action. That all sounds great, you ‘re thinking, but is a push back rack the one I need? Let us help by giving a brief explanation of how push back pallet racks work.
Push back racks function exactly as they sound: when a pallet is lifted onto the rack by the forklift, it literally pushes back the front-most pallet to the next spot. This sort of storage option is an excellent choice for “deep storage (versus wide). It lessens the amount of aisle space while maximizing storage space.
On a push back rack system, pallets are placed by forklift onto wheeled carts, which ride on rails. When another pallet is placed onto the rack, it literally pushes back the pallet in front of it and consequently moves all of the pallets back a slot. Alternatively, when pallets are removed, the pallets behind the front-most one then move forward so that there is always a pallet at the ready.
Push back racks are good option to maximize limited space. They offer high-density storage and pallet accessibility on a last in, first out (LIFO) basis.
Have questions about which pallet rack system is right for your storage needs? Contact us to discuss available options.