“Green Up” Your Warehouse–Do the Right Thing and Save Money, Too

Environmentally Sustainable Building: A sunflower blooms in front of the solar array at Sterling College, in Craftsbury, Vermont. A sunflower blooms in front of the solar array at Sterling College, in Craftsbury, Vermont.[/caption]

Good Reasons to Make Your Facility Environmentally Sustainable

Is your facility environmentally sustainable? Using environmentally focused procedures is not only socially responsible, it can save your company money as well. Aside from the obvious benefits of eliminating waste and reducing energy consumption, here are some other reasons to green up:

  • Growing consumer demand for greener products and company practices drives sales; given a choice, most consumers pick the greener option.
  • Suppliers are increasingly requiring sustainable practices of their vendors.
  • Social responsibility and environmental stewardship create positive public relations  which in turn yield benefits.
  • Federal and state tax incentives are available to companies that employ sustainable practices.
  • In many areas of the world, sustainable practices are mandated by law, and the trend is growing rapidly. Get ahead of the game!
  • Many aspects of sustainable practices in the supply chain are related to greater productivity, which is always a goal in supply chain management.

To find out about available tax credits and incentives, go to the free online Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE), a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility and federal incentives that promotes renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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