Warehouses of the Past

There is just something almost magical about old warehouses and I love them. Though many have been torn down, there are warehouses in many cities that have been converted into living, dining and retail spaces that run the gamut from shabby-but-hip to funky and fabulous and even downright luxurious. That gives me a great idea for a Pinterest board, but in this post I am curating some wonderful (and historical) warehouse photographs-I wonder what has become of them?

Lady Jane Sweetmeats Warehouse, Edinburg, 1929

Warehouse at Water and Dock Streets, Brooklyn, 1936

Warehouse probably in Woolloomooloo, Sydney, 1933

Grocers Warehouse on Broome Street, Manhattan, 1935

Flooded warehouses in Cincinnati, ca. 1910-1915

Holbrook Grocery Company, Keene, New Hampshire, ca. 1900-1920

The American Warehouse, Hankow, China, ca. 1910-1915

Lasetter’s Ironmongery Warehouse, Sydney, 1870

Memphis Warehouse Company, Memphis, Tennessee, ca. 1900

Warehouses on Bedford Street, Belfast, ca. 1890