Why Steel is Superior for Warehouse Storage Systems

Storage systems in warehouse environments are a top priority when it comes to productivity, safety and efficiency. Top management need to be able to rely on these systems for their warehouse and distribution organization and supply chain operations.

Steel Pallet racks

The best way to reach a high level of performance for these top priorities comes down to the basics: the durability of your storage systems. With the examples of our cars, homes and workplaces, steel has proved time and time again to be reliable and influential in our daily lives. Operations teams should count on the abuse-resistant and sturdiness of steel products for the use of their own facilities.
For the most demanding warehouse and industrial environments, steel is superior to all other forms of storage equipment:
Steel can hold larger and heavier materials. Whether you are handling a distribution of food products or a distribution of farming tools, steel-racking systems are able to endure the lightest and heaviest of weights.
Steel is resistant to deformation at high temperatures. Warehouses come into contact with many different products and substances. Steel is able to resist distorting until roughly 540 degrees C or 1000 degrees F (education.jlab).
Steel is green. Because of its durable properties, steel lasts a long time. With reasonable care and maintenance, steel storage units can perform without replacement for many years. This minimizes the materials that would otherwise be discarded and sent to landfills. When replacement is necessary, steel can be recycled by melting it with other scraps and reformed again for further use.
Steel is in high demand for warehouse and distribution management and supply chain management and Next Level’s goal is to have the greatest inventory for national and international companies for use NOW. Next Level uses up-to-date research and cutting-edge technology for their manufacturing techniques, which in turn prove to be cost-effective. Our products, whether it be steel pallet racks or wire decking, are perfect for the use of industrial shelving and other storage techniques.
We definitely know that our steel truly steals the spotlight.
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