Cost-Effective Warehouse LightingTips to Maximize Your Warehouse Lighting

If you ‘re looking for ways to increase productivity and improve safety in your warehouse, then it ‘s time to shine a light on an important topic: warehouse lighting.
Proper lighting is essential for your warehouse environment to function at its best. Good lighting enables your staff to identify needed items on shelves, in corners…anywhere in the warehouse. It also helps employees see, address and avoid workplace hazards, and it aides in workplace navigation on all fronts.
Of course, it can be very costly to set up and maintain proper lighting in your warehouse. The discussion of selecting warehouse lighting systems is vast. Here are some bright ideas to help you maximize good lighting no matter what lighting system you have in place–without adding to energy costs.
Shelf arrangement: Arrange shelving units so that lighting is minimally obstructed. This means placing shelving in between ceiling lights so that aisles are well lit and contents on shelves receive illumination without obstruction.
Natural light: Employ natural light whenever possible. Make the most of windows, docking areas and openings whenever possible for your facility.
Galvanized steel: Use galvanized steel shelving to enhance light refraction. Painted shelving and shelf parts absorb light, but galvanized steel offers light reflective qualities that help to brighten spaces.
Next Level’s  braces and base plates are constructed of galvanized steel which contains light reflective properties that brighten warehouses and helps save on energy costs. Also, it helps to provide maintenance savings because it doesn ‘t rust or chip like painted alternatives.
When it comes to warehouse lighting, think beyond the bulb for more options to improve the brightness of your warehouse environments. Investments in smart solutions will bring results that are easy to see.